Thursday, 21 November 2019

Liverpool November 2019 again

 Nathaniel Hawthorne lodged here

 Photographer Chambre Hardman lived here

 Gladstone born here (Rodney St)

 Did they run out of matching chimneys on the last house?

 Thats a lot of pictogram for Fire Assembly Point

 Gambier Terrace 1

 GT 2

 GT 3

 GT 4

 Swire's house

 Christmas on Rodney St

 Terrible art in charity shops

 Terrible display in Tourist Attraction

 Amazing Williamson Tunnels

 Finds from Williamson Tunnels

 Rock n roll tourism. The house where Julian Cope (top flat) and Pete Burns (bottom flat) lived. Plus Mick and I.
 The house next door to the one Ringo lived in. Yup, we got the wrong house.

 The row of houses where Ringo lived (number 10, not no. 9)
 Kelvyn Grove

 Penny Lane pub. I had a bowl of blind scouse. It was good.

 Penny Lane - the church where Macca was a choir boy.

 Off Penny Lane the church hall where Crash Course played their first gig.
 The Penny Lane bus shelter

 A yellow submarine
 Christmas at Albert Dock.

 Christmas in Liverpool 1

Bless you Bonnie Seymour